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Ediekas Community Training Support Organization

Welcome To Ediekas Community Training

Introducing a revolutionary program designed to empower women through the art of crafting! Our innovative program not only provides a creative outlet for women to express themselves, but also serves as an avenue for education and financial support. By joining our community, women can learn various crafting skills that enable them to create stunning handmade products, all while gaining the knowledge and confidence needed to become self-sufficient entrepreneurs.
Imagine the joy of learning new craft techniques and using them to produce beautiful, marketable items. From hand-sewn textiles to intricately designed bags, our program equips women with the tools they need to turn their passion into profit. With each creation, participants are able to contribute positively to their communities by showcasing their talents at local markets or online platforms. Not only does this benefit individual participants by providing an additional source of income, but it also bolsters the local economy as these one-of-a-kind crafts find appreciative buyers.

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Helping Women make crafts to educate and support themselves while supporting our communities.